Babymoov Expert Care Audio Baby Monitor

Babymoov Expert Care Audio Baby Monitor


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The Babymoov Expert Care Audio Baby Monitor utilises digital green technology to produce up to 95% less electromagnetic emissions when compared to other digital systems; which allows you to continue to monitor your little one in confidence. The monitor features a voice-activation system (VOX) which allows it to only fully activate when any noise is detected, such as a baby’s cry. While there are no sounds detected, it will enter into a stand-by mode, which works to reduce power consumption and further reduces the harmful emissions exposed to your child. Featuring an extra-long range of 1,000-metres, the Babymoov Expert Care Audio Baby Monitor features three separate alarm options; including audio, visual and vibration. This helps to ensure that you’ll never miss a thing, especially when your baby needs you most. The integrated night light can be either continuous or voice-activated for your convenience and works to help soothe your little one into a peaceful sleep. There are also acoustic alarms for when the receiver is out-of-range and in low battery, to ensure you never miss out due to a lost signal or power failure. Babymoov’s mission: Reinventing the everyday life of parents by providing expertly-designed, reliable and technologically-advanced products approved and co-created with parents and professionals. The 3 founders (who now have 10 children between them!) are still at the heart of the company, and have developed a huge range of internationally successful baby products!


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