Bugaboo Bee5 Grips- Black

Bugaboo Bee5 Grips- Black


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Be inspired by the non-stop whirl of life in the city, and use the leatherette handle grips to creatively style and restyle your Bugaboo Bee5. Customise your Bugaboo Bee5 with countless different colour combinations. Pick whichever colours you like for the chassis, extendable sun canopy, seat fabric, carrycot fabric, grips and wheel caps. Dimensions: H: 1.5 x W: 10.5 x L: 16.7cm Included: 1 x Grips To complete your customised Bugaboo Bee5, don’t forget to add your other 4 components to your basket: – Bugaboo Bee5 Base – Bugaboo Bee5 Seat Fabric – Bugaboo Bee5 Sun Canopy – Bugaboo Bee5 Wheel Caps Additional components (Optional): – Bugaboo Bee5 Carrycot Tailored Fabric Set – Bugaboo Bee5 Carrycot Base – Bugaboo Bee Cocoon


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