Heaven Fresh HF 60 Ionic Air Purifier for Cars and Vehicles

Heaven Fresh HF 60 Ionic Air Purifier for Cars and Vehicles


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Among the most polluted environments on earth is the air on our streets and highways. Longer commuting travel times result in increased stress while driving. Heaven Fresh has created a solution to help overcome this problem with the Heaven Fresh HF 60 Ionic Air Purifier. This portable, compact and effective device will help to overcome fatigue by keeping the driver relaxed and alert with fresh air. The Heaven Fresh HF is designed to create a cleaner healthier in car environment for you, your young ones and the rest of your family. The HF 60 generates thousands of negative ions that bind with allergens, microbes and other pollutants (including bacteria, cigarette smoke, vehicle emissions, odors, etc.) removing them from the air, keeping it fresh and clean for you and your little ones. This is achieved by using a small electronic breeze to draw pollutants in where the silent and filter-less unit binds them with the negative ions to remove them. The unit is simple to set up and used and runs off the standard 12V cigarette lighter adapter found in most vehicles. Specifications of the Heaven Fresh HF 60: Rated voltage: DC 12 V Power consumption: 2 W Ion output: MAX 100,000/cm3 Active oxygen output:


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