Little Angel Universal Pram and Pushchair Gloves – Light Grey/Hearts

Little Angel Universal Pram and Pushchair Gloves – Light Grey/Hearts


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Throughout the winter months, the weather can turn horribly cold! However, it’s always exciting to take fun filled adventures with your little one, and with the Little Angel Pram Gloves you can fight against the elements and enjoy days out with your little one! Unlike a hand warmer, the 2 piece Pram Gloves can be used with all types of pushchairs, prams and strollers, allowing you to keep your hands warm wherever you go; meaning you and your baby never have to stop the fun! With simple and convenient fasteners that simply attach onto the handle of your pushchair, these are easy to use whenever you need them. Plus, there is now no need to remember gloves when you are going for a walk! The insulated fleece lined interior within the Little Angel Pram and Pushchair Gloves is soft and will keep your hands cosy and insulated, wherever you are. Protected by a water resistant and windproof outer shell, your Gloves will be protected from the rain, wind, snow and more to keep them in perfect condition for repeated use throughout the colder months. The useful and practical Pram Gloves also have multiple uses aside from warming your hands, including a warm and cosy scarf and also a sitting cushion for when you are out and about. For your convenience, these are also machine washable, ensuring these stay in the perfect condition ready for all of your adventures with your baby.


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